Made & Told was founded in September 2012 with the goal of generating income for craftsmen and women on the Former Silk Road, while giving them the opportunity to have their stories heard and their work admired all across the world

Our products are sourced from artisans and craft cooperatives on the Former Silk Road, and 50% of our profits are donated to organisations working with artisans and entrepreneurs in Central Asia. Through the films that accompany our products we hope that customers can appreciate the craftsmanship and sheer beauty of the handiwork  - and learn about the story behind them.

Although we work with artisans of both genders, our focus is on empowering women to earn a living and break the cycle of poverty, through preserving their local traditions and crafts. Click here to learn more about the artisans and to see them at work.

Mary Mitchell, Director

Mary founded Made & Told in 2012 after multiple trips to Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan working in the development sector. Made & Told is a unique combination of her love of storytelling, experience living in the region, and a desire to preserve cultural heritage and increase employment.

She is currently working in interactive documentary production with refugee communities, and is a freelance media trainer specialising in international aid and development.



Bryony Norman, Operations Manager

Bryony Norman

Bryony has been working in the humanitarian sector in Afghanistan and Pakistan since 2010. This included two years living in Afghanistan, where she developed livelihood projects and worked on small business development.

She is currently a Programmes Officer at UK-based Refugee Support Network, whilst reading for a Master of Arts in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at SOAS with a focus on researching the art and architecture of the region between the seventh and seventeenth centuries.


We donate 50% of our profits to:

Crosslink Development International (CDI), an organisation working with local entrepreneurs to facilitate business start ups and to improve income generation in Central Asia.

The Central Asian Crafts Support Association in Kyrgyzstan (CACSA – KG) develop craftsmanship in Kyrgyzstan through training artisans in business skills and product development, providing access to markets for their products, and working with the younger generation to promote traditional Kyrgyz crafts.


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