We’re excited to announce that our Spring/Summer collection will include cushion covers from a new group of artisans in Kyrgyzstan.


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5 Purchases with Purpose

Dec 14, 2012

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If you still have Christmas presents left to buy and fancy giving something that creates social good, then here are our top five suggested buys and the brands behind them.


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The Shyrdak Story

Nov 26, 2012

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The nomadic women of Kyrgyzstan have been crafting felt carpets and wall hangings for generations.

Our story starts in Kochkor, where shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a group of women in northern Kyrgyzstan gathered together and decided to use their traditional crafts and skills to generate income.

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In an attempt to provide a basic introduction to the region, and in similar style to many a quiz game, we’ve chosen eight categories. Pick and choose, or read all of them.

*DISCLAIMER: This is brief and so will miss out many important facts, and we therefore apologise to any Central Asia buffs for the selection process*

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From adversity to beauty

Oct 14, 2012

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It’s probably not good form to launch a website with a blog post criticising one of the biggest players in the field you are entering. But using MADE as an example highlights one of the reasons M&T was founded so we’re going to jump right in anyway.

MADE are one of the UK’s most successful ‘ethical’ fashion brands. With concessions in Topshop, John Lewis, Jigsaw, and many other high street retailers, they provide employment for artisans living in Nairobi’s largest slum through selling their handmade jewellery and leather goods to a UK market. So far, so good.

However, dig a little deeper into their marketing, and buried beneath the beautiful jewellery is a marketing message that disempowers and perpetuates stereotypes about people living in Africa.

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